Tuition and Policies

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  • For 10-week autumn, winter, or spring semesters: First Child $250, First Sibling: $205, Additional Siblings $40.
  • Babies Workshops for babies 6 months and under is $150.
  • For 6-week summer semester: First Child $165, First Sibling $130, Additional siblings FREE.
  • Nanny shares are not eligible for the sibling discount. Each family must register separately within a nanny share.
  • Children 9 months and younger attend FREE with a registered sibling!
  • Generally, a total of 12 families registered per class. That number can change due to make-ups and families visiting to participate in the class as a demo. An adult must accompany each family or nanny share unit.

Tuition includes

  • 10 weekly 45-minute group classes in autumn, winter, and spring
  • Summer sessions are shorter. The summer song collections are compilations of Music Together® favorites.
  • A beautifully illustrated songbook to inspire music-making beyond the class experience.
  • CD and Digital Download: Professionally recorded, colorful arrangements of all of the songs in the 10-week repertoire.
  • Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers – An informative and insightful parent education guidebook based on extensive and detailed research (given to first-time families).

Rules of our Center

Food, Drinks, and Toys: Please put them away during class, preferably securely outside of the classroom.

No running.

Sick kids: If your child has had a fever (100 degrees or more) or vomiting within 24 hours of class, please keep him or her home. Please exercise common sense when it comes to communicable illness.

Phones and cameras: We try to create an environment where music is the focus. Please turn all phones off and put them away during class to prevent disruptions. Pictures may be taken in class during the final two weeks of the session.

Sing with us: Adult participation is vital. You are your child’s most important role model in class!

Let your child move freely: If a child is old enough to move independently, please resist the urge to move her arms for her, or force him to stay on your lap. Young children learn best when given the freedom to experience music in their own way.

Nannies and au pairs: They are role models for children, and their participation is of utmost importance. We want them to know how much we value them. Please discuss the importance of their role with your caregivers and help us communicate if there are language issues. And please share these rules with them.

Extra children: Older siblings are welcome free of charge on school holidays (all DCPS closure dates). But if you wish to bring an extra child to other classes, please ask your teacher. If the class size can accommodate another child, the cost will be $20.

Extra adults: Music-making should be a family experience. Additional adult friends and family members are always welcome in class.

Make-up classes: You may make up a missed class twice during the 10-week semester. Please schedule your make-up class on our website.

Switching classes: Sometimes friends have trouble being in the same class. You may switch to another class if this becomes a struggle you would like help with.

Inclement Weather: If I need to cancel a class I will post it on the homepage of this website, on my calendar page and also post on MotH. Since nearly everyone walks, I almost always have class. I will most likely attempt to hold class regardless of school closings for inclement weather. If the weather makes it too dangerous for you to attend please make the decision that is best for the safety of your family. If you have a scheduling conflict or a sickness during a particular week, please feel free to login and visit the Make-Up link found on the Registration Page.