"Children explore the world in completely different ways than adults. They use many different languages -- the language of clay, the language of blocks, the language of paper and crayon, and of course the language of sound."

What makes Music Together® Great?

Musical Diversity – each Music Together Collection is created in a way that explores diverse modalities and complex rhythms.

Foundation for Formal Instruction – In the same way we learn to speak before we read, children must feel melody and rhythm comfortably before they can take further steps in formal musical education. Music Together provides a strong foundation for later musical development.

Caregiver Involvement – Sometimes, engaging your children can be exhausting. Music Together offers a different way to play with your child — with rhythm and song!

Social interaction – sharing a regular activity is important for children and for parents. Making music as a group is something we don’t often allow ourselves to do. Participating in a group builds community.

It’s Easy – Caregivers needn’t have any musical training to participate. By simply trying your best children are made to feel it’s safe to experiment as well.

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