Activity with parents

Early development studies show that children are enthused about things that are enthusing to their parents. Not only that, but children's brains comprehend and absorb more when parents participate in an activity with them. 
That's why our classes are tailored to helping your child's cognition develop alongside you. As they learn, you'll enjoy the fun, communal environment of our classes. 
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Our daughter has joined Mister Mike's when she was 5 months old and has been participating for over a year now.  She too had Mr. Steve and now with Ms. Kimberly who is equally awesome - every teacher genuinely loves to enjoy and create the music with children.  Our daughter was at Atlas which we loved but now goes to the weekend class at the Bloomingdale location.  Yes, it is somewhat outside of the Hill (but if you are north side of the Hill, it is 10 minute easy drive and no parking issues) but we love it. The church is great - it is carpeted and extremely roomy so lots of room for children to crawl/move around. My husband always jokes that class is a nice work out for him :-).
Their song selections are fantastic. Each song has some elements that really let you (caregiver) interact with your child and promotes developmentally appropriate skills (without you even knowing it).  Because of Mr. Mike's, music has truly become a part of our daughter's growth and development - everything from imitating fun movements to learning words from the songs.  CDs from Mr. Mike's is a go-to driving music which she really enjoys.  Oh, and added bonus? She LOVES to put the toys away when it is time to say "bye-bye" to them (which they learn to do during the class by putting instruments back in the bag)!  
I highly recommend those who are interested to try the upcoming demo class.


Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give a shout-out for Mister Mike's Music Together® classes - which are currently open for registration -
We've been going since our now 3-year old daughter was 9 months, and her 5 month old little sister has been tagging along since she was just weeks old.  It's hands-down the best thing we've done as a family - despite the fact that I am not remotely musically talented, our house is filled with singing and music, because we've been singing together as a family since our older daughter was an infant.  Our older daughter makes up her own lyrics to any song she hears, and our younger one is already responding to her big sister's songs.  It's also a wonderful way to meet other families on the Hill - we rarely leave the house without running into friends from music class.  (The only downside is that you'll find yourself singing A Ram Sam Sam under your breath at work...)
If you're thinking of joining, but can't decide which class, I'm happy to provide some insight, as we've been to all the weekend classes - with Mike, Libby, and Steve, on Saturdays and Sundays, at 9, 10 and 11 am, and at William Penn House and St Monica and St James.  They're all wonderful.
Please feel free to email me at finnualakt AT gmail DOT com.