Let's Make Music Together®!

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What Makes Music Together Great? 

Musical Diversity – Each Music Together Collection is created in a way that explores diverse modalities and complex rhythms.

Foundation for Formal Instruction – In the same way we learn to speak before we read, children must feel melody and rhythm comfortably before they can take further steps in formal musical education. Music Together provides a strong foundation for later musical development.

Caregiver Involvement – Sometimes, engaging your children can be exhausting. Music Together offers a different way to play with your child — with rhythm and song!

Social interaction – Sharing a regular activity is important for children and for parents. Making music as a group is something we don’t often allow ourselves to do. Participating in a group builds community.

It’s Easy – Caregivers needn’t have any musical training to participate. By simply trying your best, children are made to feel it’s safe to experiment as well.


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Important Winter Updates:

HOLIDAYS: On any day school is closed, you are welcome to bring older siblings to class at no cost. We ask only that you enjoy the larger group and help your older children to understand it’s their chance to participate as if they were one of the adults. And safety first: No running!

SNOW: We'll make the call around 8 a.m. that morning as to whether we will still hold classes. 

SCHOOL CLOSURES: Sometimes DCPS closes but the weather isn't bad; often we still hold classes and invite you to bring your older children. 

SCHOOL DELAYS: Sometimes DCPS opens two hours late. In this case, we generally send notice that our 9:30 a.m. classes will start on time but that 10:30 classes start at 11. This hopefully gives you time to either bring your older children to the earlier class or to deliver them to school for the late start and then make it to the 11 a.m. class on time. 

Contact Us

e-mail: mistermikesmusic@gmail.com or telephone: 202.251.7205