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Class Description

This class is a great activity for you and your child to participate. A Music Together ® class can benefit children for the the rest of their lives. Children explore the world in completely different ways than adults. They use many different languages–the language of clay, the language of blocks, the language of paper and crayon, and of course, the language of sound.

Classes meet for 45 minutes each week for 10 weeks. During the class period, children and their caregivers play with music and movement exploring a diverse range of sound and rhythm. Caregiver participation provides an atmosphere that allows children to freely explore music and dance. Music Together classes allow parents and young children the chance to explore their relationship in a musical way. In addition, the diversity of music provides a strong musical foundation for future formal instruction.

Our summer semester is 6-weeks long. The cost is $165. Our regular semesters, autumn, winter and spring are each 10-weeks long and cost $235. Siblings under 9-months are free. First sibling above that age is $195. Second sibling is free.

Families are allowed liberal changes in schedule and make-ups in order to accommodate vacation schedules. In summer, a family can double-up and come to any of our classes in order to make-up classes. We have a make-up scheduler on-line for handling this.


Class Expectations

It’s easy to forget that children have rights. In Music Together class children have the right not to participate. By allowing each child to experience the class at their own comfort level (whether sitting and quietly watching or jumping into the spotlight), they will grow musically and actively participate when they are ready. You are your child’s first and greatest teacher. Therefore my one requirement is that all grown-ups participate 100%.

I want to provide a safe atmosphere for all children so if your child’s behavior becomes a safety concern for himself or others in the class, e.g.: throwing instruments, WILD running, etc. I will either intervene or ask you to do so. The goal is to keep the class safe.

To prevent the spread of germs and allergic reactions no food or drink is allowed in the class. I’ll make sure to wipe down all instruments between classes and provide hand sanitizer which everyone is welcome to use.

For more Music Together locations: (800) 728-2692

Love love Mr. Mike. It’s been almost 6 months since my 2 year old took the class but whenever we pass by the Atlas, he points and says with full enthusiasm, “there’s Mr. Mike’s class!” the quality of the music that you receive (CDs) are outstanding in there repertoire. The pedagogy of the program is the best I’ve come across for this age group…do give it a try!

— Lisa, mom to Chase