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About Music Together ®

It’s all about the love

There is wonderful data from recent research highlighting all of the neurological and developmental benefits of making music. With arts funding at risk, we preach these benefits loudly and that message has gotten through to parents. However this misses an important point. Music-making is a joyful and communal act. At Music Together we strive to give families the opportunities to form a music-making habit early. This is not a class strictly for babies and toddlers. This is a class where families sing together. If families form a love of singing and playing musically together and continue this habit for their lives together, the science and the funding will fall in place.

Music and Movement is extremely valuable for your Child’s Development

The scientific side of music-making is fascinating and the benefits to a child’s development are important. Music Together is grounded in research in music and early childhood development. When creating the program, coauthors Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz, examined the field of music education—and then reached beyond it into the realm of early childhood learning. They realized that even the best song they could discover or compose would miss the mark if not presented in ways children can receive readily and process meaningfully.

So, the pair turned to the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and early childhood learning for valuable insights into how the brain processes and organizes musical material, how children learn, and how the surrounding environment can support this learning. Then they distilled their findings into four basic principals, which remain the cornerstones of Music Together’s philosophy today.

Learn more about the research basis of Music Together and Ken and Lili’s positions on early childhood music education in these formative articles: Music Together as a Research-based Program by Susan Pudjak Hoffman, Early Childhood Music Education in the New Millennium by Ken Guilmartin, The Importance of Music in Early Childhood by Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D.


What makes Music Together ® Great?

Musical Diversity – each Music Together Collection is created in a way that explores diverse modalities and complex rhythms.

Foundation for Formal Instruction – In the same way we learn to speak before we read, children must feel melody and rhythm comfortably before they can take further steps in formal musical education. Music Together provides a strong foundation for later musical development.

Caregiver Involvement – Sometimes, engaging your children can be exhausting. Music Together offers a different way to play with your child — with rhythm and song!

Social interaction – sharing a regular activity is important for children and for parents. Making music as a group is something we don’t often allow ourselves to do. Participating in a group builds community.

It’s Easy – Caregivers needn’t have any musical training to participate. By simply trying your best children are made to feel it’s safe to experiment as well.

We love, love, love Mister Mike and his Music Together class! We have done three separate sets of classes with him so far and look forward to doing more in the future. The classes are wonderful and appropriate for both babies and toddlers (and even preschoolers, at least in my experience).

— Eloise, mom to Sam